Deb Johnson

I have been in the ECE field since I graduated from the University of Maine in with a degree in Child Development. I worked at a center in Spokane for a year, and at a not-for-profit center in Portland for 22 years. I was a teacher and later an administrator at that center. I was with Head Start for 10 years and have been with CCR&R for the last 4 years. I am glad to have had these various job experiences within the field-those different perspectives are helpful when working with families and ECE professionals in my current position.

When I was a child we went to the library regularly and 2 of my favorite books when I was very young were Go, Dog, Go (I had a dog), and Little Black, A Pony (I really wanted a horse!)

I enjoy sewing doll clothes and quilts, volunteering as a Pet Partner team with my greyhound, Huckleberry and reading.

Although I don’t have the opportunity much anymore, I absolutely love talking with children and hearing how they view and process their world!