Baby Promise

Baby Promise Overview 

Purpose of Baby Promise 

  1. Increase number of high-quality infant-toddler child care providers, especially in communities with the greatest need 
  2. Increase access to high-quality infant and toddler slots for low-income families 
  3. Increase the length of time that children maintain their placement in a high-quality environment 
  4. Decrease the turnover rate for providers serving infants and toddlers 
  5. Develop a scalable model

Baby Promise for Families 

Family Eligibility Requirements 

  1. U.S. Citizens 
  2. Ages 6 weeks to 3 years 
  3. Living or working inMultnomah County. 
  1. Income eligible 
  2. At or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (Due to COVID 19 – Income limits have increased – see updated scale) 
  3. Employed and can attend school, case by case  

Process for families 

  1. Once the family eligibility is determined 
  2. The family selects a Baby Promise Program 
  3. Child begins (or continues) care with a Baby Promise Program 
  4. Child receives relationship-based high-quality care 
  5. The family will be supported in the process of transition care 

Baby Promise Families 

  1. Will not have co-pays – Free childcare for Baby Promise Children 
  2. Siblings may have a reduced cost 
  3. May not be charged any additional fees or tuition 
  4. Will have food, formula, diapers and wipes provided at no cost 

Baby Promise for Providers  

  1. Contracted Slot Payments  
  2. Onsite support and technical assistance  
  3. Infant and Toddler Focused Child Care Network  
  4. Environmental Enhancement Support Funds  
  5. Shared Services  

Provider Eligibility Requirements

  1. No Serious Valid Findings in the past 24 months  
  2. Offer full day and full year services

Provider Highlights   

  • Responsive caregiving practices  
  • Play-based programs that do not utilize screen time or restrictive equipment  
  • Daily written communication with families  
  • Highly educated staff  
  • Infant and Toddler CDAs or Step 7 and above  
  • Inclusive program with strategies and practices that prevent suspension and expulsion  
  • Working towards 4 or 5-Star rating in Spark  
  • Family and staff handbooks  
  • Curriculum  
  • Child Screening and Assessment  
  • Family Engagement  
  • Use of technology  
  • Insurance requirements

Next Steps 

  1. Parents need to fill out Baby Promise Online Application  
  2. Apply for Employment Related Daycare, if not currently receiving a child care subsidy 
Baby Promise Online Application

EDRC Application

Final Considerations for families and providers 

  1. Flexibility 
  2. Willingness to participate in research 
  3. Patience – this is a pilot program 

Baby Promise offers free, full-day quality care and education for eligible children in local early care and education settings  

Eligible Children Must Be: 

  1. Ages 6 weeks to 3 years 
  2. Living in Multnomah County  
  3. Income-eligible based on household income 

Contact Info 

For more information please contact 

Robyn Harris, Baby Promise Coordinator 

CCR&R of Multnomah County 


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