Support for QRIS

CCR&R can help you with QRIS Support:

  • Trainings focused on portfolio building (all Set 2 hours in PM)
    • Completing Your Program’s Quality Improvement Plan
    • Portfolio Building: Writing Statement of Your Program’s Philosophy
    • Portfolio Building: Family Partnerships
    • Portfolio Building: Health & Safety
    • Portfolio Building: Administration & Business Practices with One Employee
    • Portfolio Building: Administration & Business Practices with Multiple Employees
  • Program visits
  • Work sessions
  • Assistance with getting yourself or your staff on the Oregon Registry
  • General questions


If you are interested in a Portfolio Building training session or a work session, give us a call at (503) 491-6234!


Contact information for Early Childhood Education Consultants


Debbie Buta                                        Heather Irace                          Ashley Jenkinson

503-491-6216                         503-491-6226                         503-491-6221


For Spanish:    Esther Horta                                        For Russian:    Lena Hennegan                                  

503-491-6208                                                             503-491-6211