Esther Horta

My name is Esther Horta, I have been working in the ECE field for 11 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development. Before working at the CCR&R I worked at the Early Childhood Center-Head Start for 7 years, 4 years working with Infants and Toddlers and 3 years working with preschoolers. What I like about this job is training in Spanish, I don’t get to teach children directly, but the impact in their lives comes from the knowledge I pass on to the childcare providers. I strongly believe if childcare providers continue with a higher education, they will be able to offer quality care. As a child, I loved school, my favorite book was “El Principito,” drawing and painting were my favorite things to do in school. Currently I take dance classes, salsa, cumbia and cha-cha,  it’s fun and keeps me going.  I have two dogs that enjoy hiking and camping.