Employment Related Day Care

ERDC is a program funded through the Oregon Department of Human Services that assists low income families with child care costs.  

Overview of How Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) works

“ERDC helps eligible low-income parents pay for child care so they can work. If the parent is eligible for assistance, DHS will pay a portion of their child care bill directly to the family’s chosen provider through the Direct Pay Unit (DPU) in Salem. Providers must complete a child care provider listing to find out if they can become listed with DHS, and must meet DHS requirements, including passing a background check.

The amount DHS will pay is based on the family’s income, type of child care and how many hours of care are needed.

Most parents are also required to pay a portion of the cost, called the copay, directly to the provider. The copay amount is determined according to a sliding fee scale, based on family income and household size. Parents must pay their copay or make other arrangements with the provider in order to remain eligible for assistance.”  (www.oregon.gov/dhs/assistance)

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Programs must be listed with DHS in order to receive payments for ERDC or JOBS clients.  To become listed fill out the form and send it to DHS. You may fill out the form and submit it before having any families enroll.


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JOBS Program

The Jobs Opportunity and Basic Skills (JOBS) program is the state’s employment and training program for low income families on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

This program pays for some child care for parents participating in job search activities.

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