Certified Center

Certified Center Directors, Head Teachers, Teachers
General Requirements New Employee Orientation Safety Set Training Professional Development Training
15 clock hours

per year

Within first 2 weeks of employment Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (RRCAN)

Within first 90 days of employment. May be repeated and included in required 15 hours (not child development) once every 3 years.

Child Development Non-Child Development
Training for those who have been employed for less than a full year will be pro-rated at 1.25 clock hours for each month employed during the licensing period. Must include training on individual responsibilities in case of an emergency, illness, or injury, required center policies, and procedures for reporting suspected child abuse. Infant/Child CPR & First Aid

Must be completed within first 90 days of employment.  Must include hands – on practice. Certification must be kept current. After first year of employment, 5 hours of CPR/First Aid OR Food Handler’s training can be included in required 15 hours (not child development).

At least 8 hours of the required 15 must link to one or more of the following Core Knowledge Categories:

  • DIV
  • SN
  • FCS
  • HSN
  • HGD
  • LEC
  • OA
  • UGB

Safety Set Training is excluded.

Safety Set Training and any training in the Core Knowledge Categories, Personal & Professional Leadership Development (PPLD), or Program Management (PM).
Food Handler’s Card

Within first 30 days of employment for people who are involved in food preparation and serving. Certification must be kept current.

Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety

Within first 30 days of employment. Does not expire.

Set 2 and Set 3 training may be repeated and counted toward the required 15 hours one additional time, but not within the same license period. During first year of employment, up to 2 hours of New Employee Orientation and the employee’s most recent Safety Set Training can be included in the required 15 hours.

Safety Set training will not be included in required 8 hours of child development.

All current (as of September 30, 2016) caregivers and substitutes employed in a Certified Child Care Center must complete the free online “Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety” training by 6/30/17.